Welcome to the Mahanthappa Research Group

Mahanthappa Group 2017 May
Row 1: Ankita Naik, Hongyun Xu, Beth Dewing, Michelle Hoard. Row 2: Mahesh Mahanthappa, Tyler Mann, Carlos Boez-Cotto, Johnathan O'Donnell, Yongliang Zhang. Row 3: Nick Bible, Aditya Banerji, Gray Jackson, Mike Karavolias. (Photo Credit: Ron Lewis.)

Who We Are: 

   Our interdisciplinary research group in the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS) and Chemistry at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities focuses on the synthesis, morphological characterization, physical properties, and applications of self-assembled block polymer and small–molecule surfactant liquid crystals . Situated at the interface of chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science, our interdispclinary research program engages students and postdocs with diverse backgrounds to in highly collaborative research.

Research Mission Statement:     

     To develop and to exploit new synthetic methods to scalably produce soft materials with precise control over molecular architecture and functional group placement, in order to gain molecular–level insights into their structure–property relationships for potentially innovative applications.